The 23rd China Retail Expo | AiYin Technology Makes a Wonderful Appearance!
26 Apr 2023
From April 19 to April 21, 2023, the 23rd China Shop was held in Chongqing International Expo Center.

This year's retail exhibition is categorized into six major zones, namely digital, green, social, efficient, beauty and planting fields. The aim is to facilitate the cooperation and integration of retail suppliers in an effective manner.

As the exhibitor of the digital ZONE at this exhibition, Xiamen AiYin Technology Co., Ltd. presents our latest self-developed products. Our goal is to assist e-commerce logistics enterprises in enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction through a variety of fast and convenient intelligent printers, while promoting the automatic, intelligent, and networked transformation and upgrading of the printing market.

Promoting cooperation through innovative models at the exhibition.

At the beginning, the exhibition site ushered in a huge flow of visitors. The N7069 booth where AiYin is located displays a full range of new printer products, which has attracted many people in the industry to stop to watch and consult and exchange in the most direct way.

The staff actively introduce the company brand and company products to customers, and let everyone understand the operation of our printers clearly through the operation demonstration. New consumer printers have brought brand new product experience to merchants. Convenient label printing products have enabled the company to reach cooperative transactions with many merchants on site.

Product launch with intelligent development capabilities.

With the continuous development of digitization and Internet of Things technology, the automation, intelligent, networked data input and information output technology of manufacturing industry is playing an increasingly important role in the market. As a professional and rich service provider of whole-process printing solutions, AiYin keeps up with the needs of customers for printing applications, and continues to introduce various intelligent printing products:

AiYin showcased a diverse range of printing products tailored to various industries at this exhibition.

Customer-oriented, innovation-driven as the core. With professional printing solutions, AiYin provides ecological partners with information interconnection in the era of the Internet of Things, launches high-efficiency and high-quality products, continues to output higher-value printer products and services for customers, and opens up new opportunities in the printing market.

The best to go, are two-way.
This is true of industry cooperation, and it is also true of technology exchange.
AiYin and many merchants met at the 23rd China Retail Expo to share industry insights and seek cooperation and development.

AiYin will continue to develop more competitive products in the future
Open up a wider print market. Fully committed to become the printer manufacturing industry benchmark.

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